Friday, March 18, 2016

Student Feature Friday - Nipmuc Drama Guild Presents "Pippin"

"We've got miracle plays to play, 
We've got parts to perform - hearts to warm"
Opening chorus from Pippin

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - Nipmuc Drama will hold true to the opening of chorus of Pippin as our student actors, musicians, and stage crew warm the hearts, excite the imagination, and entertain the crowds with the Nipmuc spring musical. Nearly 70 students have worked together with Mrs. Tremblay and Mr. LaPete to host a memorable night of singing, dancing, and performing a story of excitement and adventure. 

I had the chance to speak with three key players in this production, Megan Mathieson, Ruari Morrison, and Megan Paul as they prepared for opening night. 

Q: Please tell me about the most memorable/exciting part of being in the production of Pippin.
Megan Mathieson – Class of 2016
I am Catherine in our production of Pippin. The most memorable part of being in Pippin has been seeing the show come together and getting to know so many new people. It is exciting to be part of such a great performance.

Ruari Morrison – Class of 2016
I play the character of Lewis, Pippin's half-brother , in the production. This was my first time being a part of drama at Nipmuc, so the best aspect of being in Pippin for me was meeting so many new people. There is an unbelievable amount of talent among the entire cast and crew, and we have all put in so much work to make the show as great as it is. To better answer your question, then, I would say that the most memorable part of being in Pippin is that it has been an opportunity to build great relationships over such a short time with many people who, having not known or barely known me prior to auditions, I can honestly say now are some of my closest friends. We are all doing what we love to do, and we have made each other better performers and people with each and every day we have spent together.

Megan Paul – Class of 2018
After weeks and weeks of working amongst peers while striving for perfection, the most memorable moment is when it finally comes together. Our first run through of the opening number with music, lights, and costumes was a success, and the effect was indescribable. The cast was able to share a mutual feeling of pride because all of our hard work finally came together to create an intriguing and elaborate product. It unified our group and inspired us to make the rest of the show successful and fun.

Cast and Crew Members: Carol Abedelnour, Megan Agro, Haley Alcott, Megan Baumgarten, Jaclyn Bianchi, Nicole Bohan, Lily Bolton, Drew Bowman, Mario Cicconi, Monica Cilley, Karley Collins, Emma Crisfield, Sam Crocker, Tom Crocker, Tommy Doyle, Erin Dugas, Mike Evans, Kaelan Farragher, Samantha Galicki, Marco Giannozzi, Jesse Godfrey, Megan Hartle, Sophia Hegarty, Maegan Herd, Viola Hibbett, Amber Hogue, Samantha Jokela, Madison Kimball, Shay LaBastie, Cole LaBonne, Ciara Lawrence, Bridget Lazar, Elizabeth LeBlanc, Audrey Lemieux, Kathryn Luck, Maggie MacDonald, Brendan Mathieson, Megan Mathieson, Cameron McCulloch, Jack McCarthy, Christina McGann, Michael McGowan, Steven Meacham, Angela Morano, Ruori Morrison, Katie Mroczkowski, Maria Muhareb, Sarah Nasif, Adam Ober, Matthew O’Brien, Dallas O’Hagan, Ariel Ott, Noelle Ott, Anne Overholt, Megan Paul, Alex Perkins, Katherine Plutnicki, Daisy Prescott, Somaiya Rowland, Vanessa Shepherd, Evelynn Slavin, Maya Simpson, Kayma Snook, Heather Vanderpool, Tina Vanslette, Brian Vennard, Katie Vennard.

Performances are Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm at the Nipmuc auditorium. Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for students and seniors. Enjoy the show!

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