Tuesday, August 25, 2015


As part of today's new student and freshman orientation, we'll be running a Twitter scavenger hunt, giving our new students an introduction to our values and beliefs about learning while introducing them to some key players at Nipmuc.

Listed below you will find the scavenger hunt challenges given to our students. Find us on Twitter @NipmucNews and follow our teams' progress on #Welcome2Nipmuc.

  • Visit the 21st century learning center and find out what you will learn with Mrs. Hennessey. #Welcome2Nipmuc
  • Ask a school counselor about how the counseling office can support you and share your answer. #Welcome2Nipmuc
  • Share a picture of a core value quotation from one of our hallways on #Welcome2Nipmuc.
  • Tell us what Nipmuc believes about teaching and learning by sharing a picture of a belief about learning from one of our hallways. #Welcome2Nipmuc
  • Share what Nipmuc’s athletic director, Mr. Schmidt, tells you about what #WarriorNation.
  • Share what Nipmuc loves about DECA by visiting the school store.
  • Take a picture of your favorite mural or piece of student artwork and tweet its picture to #Welcome2Nipmuc.
  • Take a selfie with Mrs. Moran and Mr. Clements & share it using #Welcome2Nipmuc.
  • Introduce yourselves to Mrs. Linehan, Mr. Ferris, and Mrs. Manzella & share a club or activity that you could join at Nipmuc using #Welcome2Nipmuc. 
  • Go through the line in the cafeteria to learn and share a fact about Nipmuc’s Advanced Placement program using #Welcome2Nipmuc. 
  • Visit the courtyard and share a picture of your group working together and having fun. #Welcome2Nipmuc
  • Visit the Help Desk (lobby) and ask a question that your group has about starting high school, Nipmuc, academics, 1:1 learning, etc.