Thursday, May 24, 2012

MIAA/NESN Student-Athlete of the Month

Christopher Gormley and
Athletic Dirctor Bill Leaver
It is my pleasure to announce that senior Christopher Gormley has been selected as the recipient of the MIAA/NESN Student-Athlete of the Month for April 2012. Chris has enjoyed successful academic and athletic careers during his time at Nipmuc. He was a captain of the soccer team which advanced to the MIAA Division 2 Central Boys Soccer Tournament championship game. Additionally, he was selected as a Dual Valley Conference and Central Massachusetts Soccer All Star. His leadership and the sportsmanship that he displayed led to his attendance at the MIAA/MSSADA Sportsmanship Summit. In addition, Chris contributes as the shortstop on Nipmuc's varsity baseball team.

Academically, Chris has earned a 3.91 grade point average while taking courses at the most challenging levels. He is ranked in the top 10% or Nipmuc's senior class, and he has established a leadership role through Nipmuc's DECA program.

The "Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA)/New England Sports Network (NESN) Student-Athlete of the Month Award is presented on a monthly basis to one male and one female student-athlete who display excellence in the areas of academics, athletics, and community service.

Congratulations, Chris, on this great award!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Honors Scholars Night

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the 24th Annual Milford Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) Honors Scholars Night at the Myriad Ballroom in Mendon. This yearly event celebrates the achievements of students who rank in the top ten percent of their class from schools in the Milford area. It was such a pleasure to see our students recognized for all of their hard work throughout their four years of high school.

Congratulations, scholars, and thank you to the MACC and all of the local businesses that helped to sponsor the event.

Danielle Dubois

University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Craig Ellis

Northeastern University
Christopher Gormley

Bentley University
Ariana Harris

Brigham Young University
Michaela Kerxhalli-Kleinfield

Skidmore College
Aaron Larouco

Rochester Institute of Technology
Allison Mayzel

James Madison University
Andrew Morin

University of Maryland – College Park
Emily Murray

University of Delaware
Marissa Ng

University of Vermont
Kelsey O’Hagan

University of Vermont
Elena Robakiewicz

Oberlin College
Joseph Roberto

Pennsylvania State University
Taylor Ryan

Pennsylvania State University
Kate Seserman

University of Connecticut
Brian St. Germain

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Isabel Welch

Northeastern University

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012 Prom and After Prom Party

What a successful prom we had on Friday night! After weeks of planning on the part of our class advisors and class officers, Friday night's prom ended up being a wonderful success. Our evening started at 5pm in the Nipmuc auditorium with the Grand March which gives our prom attendees and their guests a chance to walk across the stage (and the red carpet) in their prom attire. As part of this tradition, parents are able to snap a few quick candid pictures prior to sending the students off for a great night.

A view from the balcony
at Mechanics Hall
Prom night continued as our students travelled to Mechanics Hall in Worcester for an elegant dinner and a night of dancing. Along with the other chaperones, I was proud of our students for how well they represented our school. I received many compliments from the staff at Mechanics Hall who told me that we had the most polite group of students that they have ever worked with at one of their proms.
When the prom was over, most of our students came back to Nipmuc for the After Prom Party. The After Prom Party was a huge hit again this year thanks to Sue Wilkinson and her crew of parent volunteers. As soon as the Grand March ended, our volunteers went to work, decorating our school with a Mardi Gras theme and preparing the games, food, and surprises that would entertain our students throughout the night. It was such a treat to return to the school and see the way it had been transformed. We had about 350 students attend the prom and over 300 students attend the After Prom Party. The number of students that come to the party speaks to how much they enjoy coming.

With support from local businesses, the volunteers at the After Prom Party put on one of the most anticipated evenings of the year. Throughout the night our students were treated to amazing food, games, activities, a hypnotist, and raffles that kept them having fun all evening. Many communities put on similar events, but I can't imagine any group of parents and volunteers doing a better job than those at Nipmuc. Our students keep coming back to this party each year because the night is always fun and full of surprises. I am so thankful for the hard work of our parents in putting together this night and giving our kids a safe post-prom option that they truly enjoy.

Members of the senior court (from left to right): Adam Ferrucci,
Tanor Jobe, Billy Johnson, Dillon Braile (king), Ariana Harris (queen)
Melissa Heffron, Kelley White, Isabel Welch

One of the traditions of the Nipmuc prom includes the choosing of the junior and senior court. I have included the winners of the prom court below:

Junior Court:
Boys: Tyler Nordquist, Fernando Pugleasa, Matt Burke
Girls: Emma Alcott, Sklyar Griswold, Cynthia Hicklin

Senior Court:
Boys: Adam Ferrucci, Tanor Jobe, Billy Johnson
Girls: Isabel Welch, Kelly White, Melissa Heffron

Prom King: Dillon Braile
Prom Queen: Ariana Harris

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fine Arts Festival 2012

The artist's world is limitless.  It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away.  It is always on his doorstep.  ~Paul Strand


Kelsey Campbell's

During the course of the past two days, our school has hosted the annual Fine Arts Festival, a tradition that continues to highlight the amazing work of our student artists and their teachers. Displayed in the Nipmuc gymnasium, the Fine Arts Festival showcases over 1,000 examples of student work, providing our school and community with an impressive glimpse at the range of talent and creativity of our students. 

The Nipmuc art program continues to provide our students with a tremendous education in the arts. Last year, the art department received the College Board's Award for Innovation and Excellence in the Arts, honoring the way they guide our students to exceptional achievement. The true evidence of their success, however, can be found when walking past each of the displays found in the gymnasium this week.

Eric Brodeur's photography portfolio
In this student work exists a reminder of what Paul Strand suggests when he says an "artist's world is limitless." Whether enjoying Kelsey Campbell's lifelike jungle cats, Eric Brodeur's vivid photography, Hailey Smith's "Best in Show" portfolio, or any of the displayed work, one cannot help but appreciate the dedication of the students and their impressive talent. 

Hailey Smith's "Best in Show" portfolio

Congratulations to the Nipmuc Art Department. We are fortunate that you have brought such wonderful art to "our doorstep" and that you've reminded us of the limitless ability of our students.  

2012 Fine Arts Festival Winners:

Friday, May 4, 2012

Annual Pops Concert

Mr. MacFadden conducts
the jazz ensemble
Congratulations to the Nipmuc Music Department for another successful performance of the annual pops concert. Led by Mr. MacFadden and Mrs. Ledoux, Nipmuc's band, chorus, percussion ensemble, jazz ensemble, after school chorus, and a cappella group put on memorable performances of some of our favorite pieces of popular music.

The concert was filled with a number of highlights including the band's opening piece from the soundtrack to Braveheart, a spontaneous flash mob by the Nipmuc chorus, and a reprise of the percussion ensemble's award-winning performance of "Bailando La Soca." Some of the other standout moments from the performance included "Twist and Shout" from the jazz ensemble, the harmonies of a cappella's "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," and a harmonious arrangement of "I Carry Your Heart" by the after school chorus.

The Nipmuc band and chorus are comprised of approximately 180 musicians and vocalists. They continue to be a great source of pride for our school and an important part of the culture at Nipmuc Regional.

Congratulations to all on a wonderful night!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Face2Face" with Sheriff Evangelidis

Earlier today, we were pleased to welcome Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis to our school as he shared his "Face2Face" program about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. In two presentations - one for 9th & 10th graders, one for 11th & 12th graders - the sheriff provided the students with important information about the way drugs and alcohol can impact their lives.

The presentation began with a discussion of some of the public figures who have struggled with addiction including actors and athletes who are often in the news. As the presentation progressed he also included a variety of videos with first-hand accounts of teenagers whose lives were altered by their drug use. Through these stories he presented the negative physiological, social, and emotional impact of using drugs and alcohol. In addition to this information, Sheriff Evangelidis dispelled a number of myths and provided facts about the use of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other drugs. One of the most memorable moments of the presentation came toward the end of the meeting when he showed how drastically one's physical appearance can change as a result of repeated drug use. He showed a series of before and after pictures leaving a tangible, memorable reminder of the effects of drugs.

The sheriff shared that 85%-90% of people who are incarcerated have struggled with some type of addiction. He communicated the message that he often hears when speaking with inmates about what led them to jail - never to underestimate the negative impact that drugs can have on your life.

As you speak with your children about their day at school, I encourage you to get their feedback on today's presentation. I am confident that the sheriff's message will have a meaningful impact on our students.

Sheriff Evangelidis has brought this program to more than 50 schools in Worcester County. I am extremely thankful for his help and the efforts of our school nurse, Mrs. Kristin Gauthier, for planning this presentation and giving Sheriff Evangelidis a chance to meet "Face2Face" with our students.