Friday, January 10, 2014

Student Feature Friday: Nipmuc's High Honors Scholars

Jared Bowen, a member of the
Class of 1994, addresses students
at the 16th Annual High Honors Dinner
As we begin the new year, I am excited to introduce a new feature on my blog - "Student Feature Fridays" - that will allow me to share the success, interests, and accomplishments of our students with the entire school community.

In this first feature, I'm excited to share the accomplishments of the 117 students who were honored in December at the 16th Annual High Honors Recognition Dinner. This yearly event provides us with the chance to acknowledge and celebrate the academic success of our students. Earning high honors for all four terms of an academic year is an exceptional achievement, especially considering the number of challenging courses our students are taking.

As part of the evening, Nipmuc welcomes back an alum to act as a guest speaker. This graduate addresses our students to offer encouragement and inspiration to continue their hard work and dedication to academics. This year we welcomed back Mr. Jared Bowen, a graduate from the Class of 1994, to speak with the students. Mr. Bowen is an Emmy-winning host of WGBH's weekly television series Open Studio with Jared Bowen. In addition, he is a regular contributor to WGBH's television series Greater Boston with Emily Rooney and can be heard on 89.7 WGBH's mid-day program, Boston Public Radio. In sharing his own story Mr. Bowen provided words of encouragement to our students, urging them to recognize their limitless potential and to actively pursue their dreams.

Congratulations to Nipmuc's High Honors Scholars!

Thank you for reading this first "Feature Friday." Check back each week to get additional updates on the achievements of our students.

High Honors Scholars List

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