Friday, December 5, 2014

Student Feature Friday - Nipmuc Drama Presents "Grease"!

What a pleasure it was last night to see the opening performance of Grease by Nipmuc Drama. It was an amazing show highlighting the tremendous talent of our students and directors - Mr. LaPete and Mrs. Tremblay. The cast and crew have been working tirelessly over the course of the past two months. Their work paid off in a memorable opening night. I'm happy to invite you to see the show in its two remaining performances - Saturday at 7:30pm or Sunday at 2pm. The show will not disappoint!

To get more information about the production. I met with student-leaders of Nipmuc drama to have them tell me about the play and their experiences putting on the show.

Molly Craft
Q.What has been the best part of being a member of the cast/crew?
A.  Being a part of the cast is the best feeling.  It feels like a family.  Everyone is working toward the same goal – to put on an entire production for just three nights.  We work together, we help each other, and there is this sense of comradery between the members.  We’re a huge cast, but since much of our time after school is spent in that small auditorium, we become a family.   Being a part of that family is such a food feeling.  I miss it during the summer more than anything.

Matt DeVane
Q.  What should an audience know in advance of coming to the play?
A. This is meant to be a fun show, so feel free to bring your friends and laugh loudly.  Don’t hold back; we love to hear you.  Unless you’re on your cellphone! Also, no flash photography, please.

Molly King
Q.  What is your favorite scene in the play?
A. I would have to say the opening scene has become my favorite.  It is one of those numbers that was put together later but it just pumps up the whole cast and really gives everyone the energy to perform a huge musical such as this.

Sarah Prescott
Q. What is the greatest challenge in putting together the production?  How did the cast/crew overcome this challenge?
A. I think the biggest challenge we’ve had to overcome as a cast is the idea that you are in the 1950s in something as iconic as Grease.  It is essential to the success of the show that the audience believes you’re from the right era.  The 50s was a whole world apart from the 2000s we know.  But when everyone acts and plays off each other, slipping into the role can be done with much practice.  I believe it has been accomplished due to the fact that the cast and crew are very close.  We make it all come together.
Somaiya Rowland
Q. What has been the most rewarding part of putting together this production of Grease?
A. Being a part of a show is always a unique and empowering experience.  The most rewarding part is often the feeling of achievement and pride that is created by a successful performance.  The cast and crew are brought together in friendship and a shared sense of unity.  When we put ourselves up on stage for the world to see, we are constantly challenging our identity as workers and performers.  We live through the stress of tech week and rehearsals together.  We fought hard for our show, and to see it come together validates us as a group.  To see that our audience is brought to a new emotional or mental state by our show (or at least likes it) brings us together as a group.  We all have a passion for drama, and being a part of a performance is all the reward we care about.

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