Monday, November 19, 2012

Faculty and Students Together (FAST)

Good afternoon,

Faculty and Students Together day, or F.A.S.T. as it is commonly known, is a longstanding tradition at Nipmuc. On this day students participate in a number of competitions and group activities aimed at generating school spirit. It is a day of competitions and activities, highlighted by the school-wide pep rally that ends our day.

I am writing to you looking for help in building upon the success of last year's F.A.S.T. Through the work of our students, last year's event was a true success focused on school pride, volunteerism, and togetherness. I know that our student council has worked hard to make this year another success. In preparing for this, I am asking for the help of students and their parents in keeping the spirit of the day by following these guidelines:

  • During the pep rally negative chants directed toward other classes are not permitted. I specifically addressed this with our upperclassmen following the homecoming pep rally. The pep rally should be about school pride, not putting down other classes.
  • Students are encouraged to decorate the gym. Their signs need to be positive in nature and should not include statements intended to insult other classes or students.
  • The dress code remains in effect on Wednesday. School and class spirit are encouraged. Students need to remember the guidelines of the dress code when getting ready.
F.A.S.T. Events:
The following is a list of events and activities that will be taking place during F.A.S.T.
Bonfire: Tuesday, 5pm-7pm. Tickets are $2 and can be purchased through the end of the school day on 11/20. Students must buy tickets in advance. No ticket sales will take place on the evening of the bonfire. Students sign-in at the entrance to back fields (by the soccer field entrance along the main driveway of the building).

Activity sessions: Wednesday will feature two sessions of activities including such events as ping pong, volleyball, board games, Wii sports, dominoes, and banagrams. Students will participate in two of these sessions on Wednesday.  

Speaker: Nipmuc welcomes motivational speaker Scott Backovich. A nationally recognized motivational speaker, Scott will provide two presentations: one for freshmen and sophomores; one for juniors and seniors. 

Community service: As part of FAST students are collecting toys/art supplies/coloring books for children at Milford Hospital, raffling off an iPad (proceeds dedicated to various cancer funds ), collecting canned food for the food pantries, and running a Duct Tape a Teacher (or principal!) event run by the Special Nipmuc Olympic Warriors (SNOW).

Early dismissal:
As a reminder, students will be dismissed at 10:45am on Wednesday.

Thank you to our student council for organizing and running this event, and thank you parents your help in making the day a success.

John Clements

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