Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards

Katherine Halsing's Gold Key
Award Winning  Self-Portrat

Each year the Boston Globe assembles a panel of judges to evaluate student art work from across Massachusetts. We are fortunate to have students recognized in these awards each year. Congratulations to the 2012 winners of the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards.

Eric Brodeur: Silver Key (Photography)
Eric Brodeur: Honorable Mention (Photography)
Kelsey Campbell: Honorable Mention (Painting)
Katherine Halsing: Gold Key (Mixed Media)
Molly King: Honorable Mention (Printmaking)
Emily Martin: Silver Key (Drawing)
Joshua Noreau: Honorable Mention (Comic Art)
Joshua Noreau: Silver Key (Painting)
Celia Taylor: Silver Key (Printmaking)
Kendal Til: Honorable Mention (Painting)
Rose Wiklund: Honorable Mention (Painting)

Check out the award winning entries below: (slide show may not be visible on a mobile device or iPad)

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