Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sad News

Good morning,
It is with great sadness that I get in touch with you, once again, to share news of another tragedy that has affected our school community. Last evening, Christopher DiLorenzo, a Nipmuc graduate from the class of 2010, passed away after being involved in a single car accident in Mendon. Christopher was the only person in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

As a recent graduate of Nipmuc, Christopher maintained strong ties to Nipmuc and our students. His loss will be felt intensely throughout our school and towns. Our thoughts and prayers are with Christopher’s family and friends as they deal with this tragedy.

Just before 11am, I spoke to our student body to share this terrible news. In addressing our students, I acknowledged the sincere sadness that we are already experiencing following the loss of Jack Street. I thanked them for the compassion and support they have shown throughout the past week. I also called on them, once again, to rely on the togetherness of our community to provide the strength that will guide us through the grief of these losses.  

Please know that our counselors are available and are working with some of the students who are most impacted by this loss. I am extremely thankful for their support and the role they are playing in helping our students. I am also grateful to our staff members, faculty, parents, and all members of our school community who are supporting us at this time.

John Clements

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  1. Two very terrible tragedies in such a short time, it is difficult to think we will get passed the sadness. From the outpouring of support and love I have observed for the Street family, I am sure our communities will do the same for the DiLorenzos. My heartfelt condolences to both of these families and the friends who suffer with them. Our communities are saddened by your losses, but we stand behind you.