Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School (Finally!)

With Hurricane Irene behind us, I'm glad to know that tomorrow will be the official start of the 2011-2012 school year. I hope that everyone's power has been restored and that the Labor Day weekend provided a chance to relax after a difficult week.

Included below are a few notes about students' first day of classes:
  • Schedules will be passed out to students as they arrive on Tuesday morning. All students - even freshmen who picked up their schedules on the day of the 9th grade orientation - should get a schedule from the following locations:
    • Freshmen - Auditorium
    • Sophomores - Cafeteria
    • Juniors - Left side of the gym
    • Seniors - Right side of the gym
  • If not for last week's cancellations, tomorrow would have been the fourth day of the current school year. With that in mind, tomorrow will run as a "Day 4" on the Nipmuc six-day cycle. The order of classes will be F-D-C-E. After picking up their schedules, students will report to their F block class. The Miscoe Hill School will also begin its year on a Day 4 schedule.
Enjoy the last few hours of your Labor Day weekend. I am excited to welcome our students back to school tomorrow morning!

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